Why Hike

Funny cause I’ve been to only like 3 mountain hikes with altitudes of just less than 1000 meters, yet I am here blogging about hiking. I am no expert, I have not even hiked the highest mountain in my country. Hard core hikers will surely be laughing at me. But hey, we got to start somewhere, right. They may just be easy to moderate hikes but they are already something for me. Although I grew up in the mountainous region, I really haven’t been into long hikes before.

The feeling I get whenever I reach a peak of a mountain is just indescribable. It somehow makes me feel strong, brave and independent. It is not just about the reward of having to see the view from the top but the effort and the pain endured just to be there. Those moments where your body and mind are like giving up at the middle of the hike and would just like to turn back, but you keep convincing yourself that you can make it. There is somehow an “emotional element” in there.

It sounds cliché but it really feels great to be with nature. If only I have all the time and resources, I would gladly join every training hikes to prepare myself to reach at least one of the highest peaks in the world. I wish to set foot in the Himalayas.

Whenever I am in a hike, I think of nothing but the trails, on how to cross a path without slipping, how to control my balance and breathing, how safe is the rope considering my heavy weight, where to land my foot next and when do I get my water break. For a day, I get to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of a city, as well as from the usual boring routine.  For a while, I get to escape from depression, frustrations, stress and whatever it is that is bugging me. For a moment, I get the chance to appreciate the beauty of a creation, thank the Creator above and thank those who had hiked ages before us for making the paths easier. For a second, I get to pat myself at the back for this little accomplishment. For a lifetime, I have something to look back on and at least be proud of.

And for goodness’ sake, I am sounding so emotional about this hiking thing and yes I honestly am. It really has an impact on me.

So yeah, if you haven’t climbed a mountain yet, I know you don’t feel the same way I do. You’re probably laughing at me. Climb one, no matter how high or small it is, then surely, you’ll land on the same page as I am.


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